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Found out about this signing from a Racebending.com FaceBook page link only about a few hours before hand, so we had to rush out of the house and get over to Golden Apple Comics, on Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles.

Not much to say; I just wanted to post some pix to share with the rest of you. Oh, and also there is a tidbit at the end you might find interesting.

Front window of shop, after crowd had moved on.

Line of fans.


More Bryke.

Bryke and A:TLA fan.

Racebending.com was there, and handed out bracelets:

Momo getting inked.

And now a few pix of the book I bought:

Front (obviously)

Inside cover. Very nice touch!

The sketch I got :-) I asked for Sokka bcz I like Sokka.
Michael drew Kattara to go with Bryan's Sokka. Bryan also said he never drew Sakka so happy before bcz usually he's, well, Sokka.

This was on the opposite page from the one they sketched on.

A few random pages.

Back cover.

First off I'd like to dispel one rumor before it even starts. While waiting in line I overheard some ladies saying that there was a "racebending member" standing a few feet away from Mike and Bryan with his yellow racebending.com shirt pointed at them. "Oh-my-god, that is so rude," one of them said. The other two agreed, "Yes, that is totally rude!" "Blah blah blah..." they continued... But guess what? They couldn't be more wrong. The gentlemen standing across from Bryke was an employee of Golden Apple Comics and was standing there to keep the exit line orderly and to make sure people, who are not there for the signing, do not walk in to the signing area; also, he was asking people, after the signing, if they would like to sign up for the Golden Apple Comics newsletter.

Yellow "LA" shirt.

Okay, so this next one is actually something I overheard and then later confirmed with one of the employees of Golden Apple Comics.

By the time we got to the comic shop there were only a few, maybe three, copies of the book left on the shelf (there were still quite a few behind the counter that where reserved). In fact, someone came up to me and asked if they could scan the bar-code from my copy into their iPhone, to see if they could maybe find a copy of the book elsewhere –preferably nearby, so as to get one signed. (There's an app for that) Anyways, the only thing "A:TLA related" that was left to buy was a Sci Fi magazine with Movie!Aang on the cover.(can't find link to magazine online)

So, after we got our book signed we were waiting by one of the front entrances and I overheard an employee telling a woman something. Since there were no more art-books left she was asking if there was anything else. The dude behind the counter told here there was this magazine, the one mentioned above, but he told her this with a warning... After she walked away I asked the dude behind the counter what he had told her, bcz I was a bit surprised at what he had said. What he told me was this, take of it what you will: "We [Golden Apple Comics] were told to not let anyone in line who had movie related merchandise, because Mike and Bryan were upset over the film and would only be signing items related to the TV show." A bit surprised, I asked, "Upset?" and was told, "Yeah, that's just what we heard –that's what we were told."


I'm not trying to spread any rumors here, I'm just telling you what I  heard.

Thank you Racebending.com team for posting that link!


Just wanted to draw attention to jedifreac's comment:

"[...] in that picture of Racebending.com getting our books signed, Mike and Bryan signed one of the books to "Racebending.com supporter!" and drew sketches in it. When I presented them with the book and the request, I informed Mike that we planned to give this book away to one of our readers, and that while we would like him to dedicate the book to "Racebending.com Supporter" they could sign the book with just their names and sketches if they did not feel comfortable writing the dedication.

We will be giving it away to a Racebending.com supporter at an upcoming "activity." Stay tuned for more details.

*Eagerly awaiting pix*

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