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*Not a good printing size. I'll post those at the bottom, later.*

Long story short: last year at SDCC (2009) at the request of some friends on the IMDb message board for TLA film I wore a shirt with the controversial casting call "Caucasian or any other ethnicity" printed on it. It was out of protest for the casting, kind of a billboard for our frustrations at the time. It was something that seemed to be underplayed, but seeing it in reality, printed on a shirt, really gave it that "WTF" factor. But really, the whole thing was such a joke to us that it seemed even funnier on a t-shirt.

During the run-up to Comic-Con several people kept posting threads on IMDb with "Caucasian or any other ethnicity" in the subject line, on one had to promote awareness and on the other to host discussions on the topic. The crappy thing was that someone kept reporting the post, probably as "This post contains hate speech (race/religion/sexuality etc.)", so one of us (anti-casters) had to keep reposting it. The odd thing is that "Doc's Avatar's Asian quick reference guide"(I know I didn't get the name right, it's been a wile. I'll post a link to the LJ version when I find it) lasted for over a year before it got deleted, and that had over 400 replies (quite a bit were bumps though). It did get reposted quite a bit after that, but it became futile, as it would only be deleted shortly after posting. The 'reporting' got really ridiculous on that board.

Anyways... this "Caucasian or any other ethnicity" post had been reposted so many times and at one point I finally replied with, something like, "Someone needs to put this on a t-shirt." This was several days before Comic-Con, and a day before I left home for San Diego, so the peer pressure was on.

Back to over a year ago: at the time, the most I contributed to the Racebending.com movement was images I created/modified that had been posted by others, so my Comic-Con 4th-day update was really my first post; actually it was originally posted at IMDb bcz I was doing a day-by-day report for everyone over there. I did however Contribute to the "Aang aint white" letter writing campaign, but even that, I felt, was done outside the guidelines given. Is it really that hard for me to take life seriously?!

So, for the record I'd like to say my actions, or jackassery, at SDCC did not necessarily represent Racebending.com. It was just a goofy stupid idea, and later I kind of felt bad for posting those pix. I mean, it all started off as a joke, like, this guy's going to be wearing a shirt with the casting-call on it, all over Comic-Con: "haha funny stuff!" But the pix with Bryke and, surprisingly, Sifu Kisu were a spur-of-the-moment thing. Well, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't thinking about it ahead of time, how funny it would be to get my picture taken with Bryke, and me wearing this t-shirt too; but I saw the opportunity and took it, and my only thought, at the time, was that everyone at IMDb were going to be busting up laughing over that. So I really didn't think it though. In hindsight it would have been better to get the same pic but only with the Racebending.com official t-shirt.[like this]

Also, no mater what Sifu Kisu's feelings really were/are, that picture sure did shut a lot a people up, and it was very uplifting for quite a bit of our community members. I really don't know how he feels, but no mater what, it's very understanding for any average person to have certain feelings about color-blind casting; especially when it's not a normal topic of discussion, and at face-value it seems quite positive from an open-minded thinker point of view. So going up to anyone on the street to ask them their opinion on this subject might not be quite fair, especially in this "post-racial world" we live in.

So, I'm sorry! I'm sorry I took those photos and subsequently released them onto the interwebs. I'm sorry.

Anyways... this post has turned more into an explanation rather than what its tittle suggests: Getting ready for San Diego Comic-Con 2010! So around the time I made the shirt in question I'd wanted to actually make one for each day of Comic-Con. Seeing as how I really didn't have the time to do so, I didn't, but still kept these ideas in the back of my head. I'm not sure if it will make much of a difference this year but maybe people will still ask about it, what's that mean?

So first, a redo of the original:

It's a little less brown and more orangey. Also I fixed the kerning in the words, as with the fallowing, and added a bit more contrast.

Next is the Water Tribe:

This is the same shirt I  wore to the LA protest of the film [will add some better links at some point]. Got several "That shirt's awesome"'s. lol

Next is the Fire Nation:

This was the one I actually spent the most time on, after finishing the Earth Kingdom one(below), bcz I couldn't decide if I wanted to keep the same border or not, and when I finally did decide on the straight black frame, it took me for ever to decide on how I wanted the shinny glare around it. Yeah, that's actually not from the camera's flash.

Next is my favorite, the Earth Kingdom:

Going into this project, the "Earth Kingdom" was the one I was least looking forward to. Maybe it's bcz I'm not too much into green shirts? I don't know... But, by the time I was done it became my favorite. I like the colors, the green, the gold lettering, and the frame around it with those square corners: very Earth Kingdomy.

Anyways... I'm not sure what I'll be wearing for preview night but this is what I'll be dawning for all four days. Oh... duh, I guess I do have a Racebending.com shirt!

If for any reason something happens at Comic-Con I'll try to post about it.

Any misspellings/typos or whatever, send me a PM. Thanks.

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