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...what does it matter?

Posted at Racebending's LiveJournal

...what does it matter?

Now before you get all worked up and angry, please hear me out first. I'm not the one asking this, rather I'm posing this question to comunity members as we have quite a few with differing opinions on the issue, and I thought it would be interesting to share some responses to this wall-like (albeit trollish) attack, And hopefully give other something to work with.

It's a very short argument that seems to requite long, drawn-out answers. I have my own response but I also feel I'd like to hear what others would have to say.

I basically sourced this from the last time I saw it bcz (I'm lazy) it seemed the most trollish and I fear that procasting newcomers (as there are quite a few) will pick up on this:

1) Katara's 'character' is only skin deep; exactly the same no matter if she is Indian/Asian/black/white/Spanish/etc. and that is a FACT.

2) Not one person in the series is a racially driven character.

This topic is closed to the public.

I haven't looked through racebending.com in quite a wile(aside from all the newer entries); is there anything on there that adresses something remotely similar to this? –I did watch through the videos, again, just now– And if not, can there be: so we can throw the link out there.
Thought this was interesting. It's a Spanish adaptation of the two posts that used my manips [ this one and this one]

Link ---> ¿Será europeo o asiático?

Click here for crappy translation...Collapse )


Why can't he just be American!

Okay, for starters, here's the trailer for the upcoming film Diary of a Wimpy Kid, based off the book of the same name.



Now here's my beef. I don't normally complain about things like this, but why does the Indian kid have to talk like that? I don't know; maybe it's just me but it always seems like they have to have the 'foreign kid', or the kid who 'talks funny' –as if that somehow gives him more character. Now, reflecting on reality for a moment(and I'm sorry if I'm being L.A.-centric here) I've always found it interesting that wile attending children's birthday parties, of some of my friends, all the kids, from all walks of life, speak and talk like little American kids –save for a few Mexicans. And, latter in the day, when their parents come to pick them up, the parents usually have heavy foreign accents: Russian, Chinese, Armenian, etc., etc., and of course Indian. It's not that the kids are assimilating into the culture, it's that they are growing up in this culture. Granted there are those kids that do have to assimilate, who are from other cultures: but that's aside the point.

Two of my girlfriend's cousins were originally from the Philippines; they came here when they were five and couldn't really speak much English, but after hordes of stupid cartoons and going to school, BOOM, they're totally American now. In fact, all her little cousins sound like little American kids –and trust me, she has lots of little cousins. Family get-togethers: everyone's speaking tagalog but the kids. Oh, and it's not just America, it's Australia too –cousins in Australia; Australian accents.

Okay, I'm getting a bit away from myself here. What about those people who's family have been here for generations; what about their kids? Their kids aren't going to sound like Chirag Gupta, the Indian kind in this movie. But you know what? People are going to think that. People are going to assume that little Indian kids that are living in America sound like Chirag. So.... why does this kid sound like he's fresh off the boat? There's probably going to be tons of little Indian-American(not American-Indian) kids doing facepalms at the trailer.

Yeah, Yeah... I've never read the books, but does it matter? Yes? Okay... To be a bit fair, I asked someone who did, in fact, read the books, and she can't remember a damn thing about Chirag Gupta. That says something, right? Well he's in the books, and as Wikipedia says:

Chirag Gupta is a minor character who moved away in the first Diary of a Wimpy Kid book.”

Which is odd bcz latter it says that he's in several other books and doesn't appear in the fourth. Oh... maybe I just read it wrong; says 'he moves back'. Then what's the point of saying he moved away? Whatever. It's aside the point. Now, here's where my suspicions start to make sense:

He's presumably the shortest person in his class [...]. And telling by his name and hairstyle, he is presumable of Indian descent. He is weird, He has a funny accent...” [link]

So Wikipedia isn't the best source for information, but I think it's a safe bet that from the trailer we can see that, 1) Chirag is Indian, and 2) he has a “funny accent”. My thought here is that if they wanted an Indian kid with a “funny accent” they might be a little hard-pressed to find one as easily as finding a little Indian-American kid with an American accent. I don't know these things; I'm just an idiot that speculates. So who knows, right?

Going off my hunch, I found this video of Karan Brar, the kid who plays Chirag in the movie, in his audition tape:


Now what's wrong with that? Not funny enough for ya?! Needs a goofy accent, does he? I can see how they'd want the kid to fit the character in the book(what ever that is) but this just feels like one step forward, two steps backward. Missed opportunity? Yes, I'd say so.



And to anyone who doesn't get what I'm saying –maybe you stumbled upon this page incidentally. It's not that I don't like people with foreign accents, it's that there are so many people in this country that are very misrepresented as 'foreigners' when they clearly aren't.

Also, these were Wikipedia entries as of 1-29-2010

Thanks Rufio!

Apparently the brother of a friend of my girlfriend directed this. –Sounds a bit like that line from Spaceballs though.

Asian American stars come together to express their support for our favorite red headed talk show host, Conan O'Brien...with a surprise return of Rufio from Hook!

Viva Conando!!

Directed by: Brian Corpuz
Written by: Justin Quizon

Thanks to:
Dante Basco, Karin Anna Cheung, Eddie Kim, and AngryAsianMan for being a part of the video.

I too support Conando!

Good bye Nostromo! Good bye...

Talked with John Eaves today wile stopping off at the shop to bum a screw (yes, just one screw), amongst other things. He's having to finish up on the Nostromo for this Friday, when it ships out. He said the Propstore came by to shoot more video of its 'work in progress', so he was interviewed a bit. Wile it's not up on YouTube yet, the first two are. I'll post those and update it when the rest it up.

John Eaves is just about the nicest guy you'd ever meet. He seems like the first one to yell, "Hey, How's it going?!" beating you to the draw: I know that's a bit silly to say for someone as socially retarded as myself, but still...

Owned by the The Propstore of London, the Nostromo has been undergoing a restoration by special effects studio Grant Mc Cune Design Inc. The Propstore usualy has a setup at Comic-Con, so it'd be interesting if they hauled that in to show it off. Anyways, there's more info in the vids:
Click to see vids...Collapse )
Aside from that, it was a pretty crappy day. Still working on it.


Very cool short film. Pun, accidental but now intended.
Might look better in HD on the Youtube page.
Should have said, "Beginner Needs Drawing Lessons : Can't Draw Asian Women.

"When drawing Asian women, start off with a basic face shape and facial features, draw in long, silky hair, and sketch a body. Draw Asian women using pencil with instructions from a professional cartoonist in this free video on drawing lessons."

I'm still confused about how this is possibly an instructional video on "how to draw asian women". It's actually quite amusing how it misses the mark so much; it's like, this could be a video on "how to draw a woman". Outside of having typically "slanted eyes", what else is there? He sure seemed to focus on trying to "make her beautiful" a lot. I suppose that's okay but that could be for any woman. The more I watch this, the more it just doesn't make sense. honestly, I was expecting this to be a huge train wreck but it turned out to be a completely different train wreck altogether.

Is mine any better? I pretty much went for the same instructions, "start off with a basic face shape and facial features".

Maybe it's all just a joke?
That'll do Bill. That'll do...

Yes, I know, it's an offensive idea to begin with.

This looks to be this guy's top viewed video at 26,558 + views.
Other greats include:
How to Draw A Willow Tree
How to Draw Celtic Knot Work


I think we all know who that is.

...or did Ringer turn asian?
For anyone who may have missed this. The girl who runs the site claims it was "hacked" though. Not sure, but it's pretty funny either way.
(no, I don't know how to do that)

Here is the original link, if it has not been changed already: http://noahringer.celebfans.net/noah/bio.php

I know a lot of people have noticed this already but I just wanted to credit liz_friz on IMDB for their post, as I didn't bother looking through the site myself.

Letters to Spin Master Ltd.

Posted at Racebending's LiveJournal


Okay, for starters, some of you may or may-not have heard about this already but Spin Master Ltd. is the company that will be making the the toys for The Last Airbender. Will you be buying them? No? Hm, maybe we should tell them about it. 

Even though Spin Master Ltd. has close ties with Nickelodeon, it's a bit futile to be writing them to ask for their help to possibly not make the toys. Needless to say, they will, most likely, be making the toys for this film and, like all tie-in products, they should be added to the boycott: books, toys, Halloween costumes, breakfast cereals, etc... I figure we should probably let them know first; almost like giving them a chance to pull out. 

I have this letter to Spin Master Ltd. all written up but I wanted to check with everybody here to see if everyone is willing to go through with it. We really need more than one letter here. I know this isn't like writing to the producers, or even M. Night himself, but it needs to be done. I'll still send this either way; what I want to know is, how many people are willing to write a letter also? Don't worry, all it has to be is short. 

What you should write: Basically, keep it simple. You don't have to write some big letter explaining “blah blah blah...” like I did, or any letter you've written for the cause, in the past. All you have to do is tell them you will not be buying any toys related to this film, and any toys under the “Spin Master” brand name.(including telling friends and family not to buy, also) Refer to Racebending.com, and that's it. Simple. Short, simple. Print out your letter several times over and mail them to the multiple addresses listed below. 

I've actually had this written out for a wile now, but out of being discouraged and finding the right time... eh.. here it is: 


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