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Stupid Arguments 001

Note to reader:
Do not read if you do not want to get seriously pissed.

Stupid Arguments
Not only are you wrong but you're making yourself look like a big-ol' dummy.

From the IMDb message boards, The Last Airbender: For starters I wanted to post something from a troll, that was up for a few moments before being deleted, but it really makes you wander what those against the Racebending.com movment are really thinking. Wile I can't remember the subject line, it was designed to look like an anti-caster.

Mnight55 wrote:

"CHing chong airbender ching chang racist chong. No ching chong chance for ching chong cast of ching chong asians. M Night ching make very very bad chong mistake, I ching chong could be a part of cast if ching chang there were accurate ching chong casting ching chong chang. We asians ching chong are very very angry ching chong and will not see this ching chong movie. Please understand our ching chong response to this chang chong movie and we hope ching chong you follow our movement.

Ching Chong Ching Chong."

Wile that wasn't exactly an argument, it just goes to show what this troll is up to. Actualy, this is the longest post they have ever writen (usualy lots of "CHing CHong Ching ChONG"), and I'm not really sure what side they are trolling for: they tend to mostly antagonize anti-casters.

Okay, now on to the real shyts. This is actually a new one I've never really heard before and it's some-what along the lines of the "hopelessness argument". Replying to a comment about "missed opportunities", BillyMaysFromBeyondTheGrave writes:

"I agree it's wrong. Looking at the information actually pisses me off. But I'm not the one who made the casting calls... those are the racist ones... not me. I'm sorry, I agree that it's wrong and I see your point. But there's a 90% chance that I will see this movie, on opening day even.

There are plenty of movies, now that I think about it, that have done this. And many of them are my top favorites. It's really sad when you notice your favorite movies try to only cast white people. It sucks, but that's the way the world is. I'm not saying it's right, nor am I saying it can't change, but it is how it is...


Yeah... nice sig there Billy, but yeah: not a 'great post', at all. "It is how it is..." and there's no point in trying to change things? Hopelessness?! At least they acknowledge the truth, but ignoring it so you can feel good? This cracks me up, blame the studio but, "I'm not the racist one here". So no matter how racist a movie is, it's okay to support it bcz you're not the one being racist? Nice!

Not sure who this next poster is bcz they changed there name and are now calling theirself  "JohnMilson" –a play on "johnwilson-11" the "cracker" guy. :

"The casting sheets never said if your Asian don't show up."

"Anyone who is white can come here, and everyone else can come as well."--That doesn't strike you as odd? "Caucasian or any other ethnicity" –Preferably, they wanted caucasians. Seriously, you don't see what is so wrong with that? The usual reply here is, "I don't see color because I'm not racist blah blah... color blind blah blah... you're the racist one for pointing that out blah blah... we are all one people blah blah... I only believe in one race: the human race," but there was no reply, so I'm just going to have to assume.

xOxRonniexOx writes:

Subject: I dont care how racist this is but...

"I dont want to watch a movie that is full of asian actors... And I'm sure others feel like that also...

I like the casting... and quite frankly if aang was some asian kid I probably won't go see it..."

Not really much of an argument.. but I guess they are trying to argue that they don't want to see asians, so... yeah...

And best-stupid post, from the other day, by TheBeastWithin7:

Subject: Forget race, why would you fail to correctly depict a character?

Don't care about the racial issues. Sokka and Katara are supposed to be eskimo people. Watch the cartoon. They aren't white people. So why purposefully fail to depict them accurately? It doesn't make sense to me. That's the real reason to be annoyed- if you are a fan of the show, they aren't accurately realizing the characters. By the way, the main characters aren't depicted as asian, so I have no problem with steering away from that.

What?! Am I just misreading this? Sounds like: "Forget about cars. What is up with those four-wheeled thing that are all over the road, with people sitting inside of them?!"

Until next time, this has been Stupid Arguments.

Users can change their name at any time; so if there is some problems with my accuracy, that's the reason.


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Feb. 21st, 2010 12:42 am (UTC)
Ugh... the stupid... it hurts...
Every time I see a comment like that from some user(s), and saying shit like that, just because they are behind some computer screen, it makes me want to blow up something. The Earth, in particular.
I just got done coming out from another community that was dedicated to Japanese popculture, and god... Let's just say, it involved ANOTHER manga live-action-adaption, and as soon as people speak up about how worried they are about whitewashing, we have OTHER people that don't get it say, 'lol stop it with the whitewashing or else I'll smack you!' *headdesk*

I swear, I should stop going to places and reading comments like those that'll make my blood boil. And concentrate on... I dunno... drawing characters of other ethnicities as heroes/heroines, and build a story for them so that I'll become famous (and give people something to look forward to)? ><;
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