Em. Ar. Sē-Ei-Bī (or Cab)

15 April
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I used "mrcab666" bcz I couldn't get my handle "mrcab" ...it sucks!

The dream ended oddly with me looking over the railing of my bed only to see ants had covered the floor. As I climbed down I saw that they were mostly dead but still littered about like dark sand-pebbles strewn on the floor. Also I think someone was waking me up. Definitely one of those dreams I wished to return to.

...these guys out back(from my house) that kidnapped you. Wasn't really sure if they killed you or just kidnapped you (sorry), all I know is that you were in their trunk and I had to go after them. At first I thought I'd run inside to get the shotgun but then I realized that I would not have time to unlock it, load it, and run out there; so I grabbed a pen instead, so I could write down the license plate number. Missed it, so I got in my car and chased after them. I really wanted to get these guys but reality was sneaking in and I just couldn't stay asleep for much longer. They were across the street, up the ally: maybe if I go there in waking life they will be there. Perhaps you will still be in the trunk?

When you finally get to the palace, and what's interesting is that it's not the typical deep-dark-dungeon, it's exactly how the palace should look but you are there to rid it of the evil that has taken residency. It was cool how those other “warriors” showed up to help in the fight, although it would have been interesting to see them in action, or fight with them: but that is minor.